About Us

Our Story

Coastal Kids Preschool opened it’s doors in 1997 at our current location and have been serving our community for the past 24 years. Karen Dahl, CKP Owner and founder, decided to open up a Preschool of her own after not being able to find what she was looking for in a Preschool for her own children! Karen and her family have put in so much time and effort into making Coastal Kids what it is today and we are so proud of our school and what we offer our families. Coastal Kids Preschool is truly ran like a mom and we love, support and care for these children like they are our own!

The CKP Experience

At Coastal Kids Preschool, we respect that years of research on children’s learning and development show the many benefits of play for children’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and language development. Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring and establishing environments, solving problems and developing shared understandings.

The more creative their play, the more opportunities they have to learn. Children thrive when they have choices to make in their learning. We facilitate children’s choices within a carefully planned environment. We create the environment to allow each child, ages 2 to 5, to choose activities that are developmentally appropriate for his or her age. Our teachers offer a variety of learning experiences by setting up a creative environment filled with choices including, art, music, stories, reading readiness, number concepts, small and large muscle development, dramatic play, language development, social skills and so much more!

“In early childhood programs, like ours, there is a lot of play – and there should be”

What We Offer

Programs & Classes

Starfish Tots - Age 2

Apart of our Play Based Program – the Starfish Tots class are the youngest of the school. There is a lot of basic foundational learning happening in this class! They are working on potty training, sitting down for circle time, how to hold a spoon to feed themselves, cleaning up, learning to play with friends and how to use their words to express themselves. They also work on their alphabet, counting, colors and shapes with a lot of art and music and movement!

Beach Buddies - Age 3

Apart of our Play Based Program – the Beach Buddies class is for our 3’s! In this class, the academics really begin. We do what is called “Buddies Skills” where they sit down each day and work on a range of worksheets. These worksheets reflect the letter of the week, color of the week, shape of the week and number of the week. They are learning how to properly hold a pencil, color nicely in the lines, use child safe scissors to cut, use a glue stick and trace their name, shapes and letters. They love to do their weekly art and music and movement! They are also working on their social and emotional skills – learning how to play with friends and express ourselves with our words.

Fish Friends - Age 4 (Pre-K)

Apart of our Play Based Program – our two Fish Friends classes are for our oldest, the 4’s and 5’s. This class is all about preparation for Kindergarten! They do what is called “Preppy Skills” where they sit down each day and work on a range of worksheets. They are learning how to now write their name, letters, number and shapes on their own without tracing. They are working on using scissors to cut straight and curved lines, coloring nicely in the lines and using glue sticks. They also start to work on concepts like bigger and smaller, before and after, what is the same and what is different. Towards the end of the year, site words are also introduced to help with reading. Art and music and movement are also apart of their daily curriculum in addition to social and emotional skills.

Spanish Immersion Program - Age 2.5 to 5

Apart of our Montessori Program – the Spanish Immersion class is for ages 2.5 (potty trained) – 5 years. This class is Montessori based as opposed to our other Play Based programs. This class also introduces the Spanish language and culture no matter how little or how much exposure your child has. Each child gets an individualized plan based on where they are academically and developmentally in regards to writing, reading, counting and language. Art and music and movement are also apart of their curriculum in addition to social and emotional skills.


What Our Families are Saying

“We hit the jackpot with this school!!! The staff here is amazing, they are so friendly and attentive… I was nervous about the transition so I am truly grateful for Coastal Kids Preschool and their care!” -Luck W. Yelp Review 


“The entire preschool program at Coastal Kids is great, but I want to specifically review the Spanish Immersion classroom run by Miss Lilia… Miss Lilia is wonderful with the kids, skillfully incorporates Montessori and other methods, and has been so integral in his social and cognitive development.” – Michael M. Yelp Review 

“The teachers are wonderful. Patient, kind, encouraging, not too soft…strict when it’s appropriate which helps with continuity at home. They communicate actively with parents and provide helpful hints when needed.” – Lisa H. Yelp Review